[meteorite-list] AD-Ghadamis, Oued Sfayat on Ebay in auctions

From: Gary Fujihara <fujmon_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 06:39:51 -1000
Message-ID: <59C89702-288A-4C0C-A8B4-7E366171E2D4_at_mac.com>

Aloha Meteorite connoisseur,

Big Kahuna has small, complete individuals of the Ghadamis (provisional) fall in Libya, and Oued Sfayat fall in Algeria. Also on the block are feldspathic breccia lunar slices, Camel Donga, Esquel, Canyon Diablo, Mundrabilla, Odessa iron meteorites, Alamo Breccia, Zhamanshinite, Flanged Button replica and a pseudo-meteorite Plateau Putorano. They?re all on ebay in auctions ending soon TOMORROW, Saturday, December, 7, 2019.

Ghadamis (Libya fall) 45.36g 94% fc - https://tinyurl.com/wsqgskw
Ghadamis 70.32g 94% fc - https://tinyurl.com/vb4vhz6
Ghadamis 77.44g 85% fc - https://tinyurl.com/t4kf765
Ghadamis 142.81g 88% fc - https://tinyurl.com/vo6z9vv
Oued Sfayat H5 5.17g 100% fc - https://tinyurl.com/usc68w2
Oued Sfayat H5 6.48g 88% fc - https://tinyurl.com/u3etzrt
Oued Sfayat H5 132.96g 100% fc - https://tinyurl.com/vautq2m

Camel Donga Euc 2.77g - https://tinyurl.com/wo2yxgb
Esquel Pal 5.68g slice - https://tinyurl.com/so2hb22
NWA 11421 Lunar slice 0.23g - https://tinyurl.com/sofqx8h
NWA 11421 Lunar slice 0.40g - https://tinyurl.com/ss4n4yu
NWA 11421 Lunar slice 0.82g - https://tinyurl.com/tptolvn
Odessa 324g Lincoln Lapaz - https://tinyurl.com/wq6hw5x
Plateau Putorano pseudo met 24g - https://tinyurl.com/sbwhmjl

And much more ? http://www.ebay.com/sch/fujmon/m.html

Gary Fujihara
Big Kahuna Meteorites
PO Box 4175, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 640-9161
Received on Fri 06 Dec 2019 11:39:51 AM PST

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