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From: bill kies <parkforestmet_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 05:19:25 +0000
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The integrity of the meteorite market and every market for that matter depends upon the honesty of those involved.

It's not unusual for the random meteorite enthusiast to offer what they think might be a meteorite for sale without any real knowledge as to what a meteorite is.

You do know the difference. You do know that these "Lunars" are not lunars. You have admitted that they were rejected by meteorite scientists. Please end this.


    Meteorite 1678 Gram Lunar Meteorite


32 minutes ago11:34pm EST


Actually the integrity of most markets is regulation and oversight. There is none here. I dispute the observations of those that have seen the photos. They are not conclusions because they refused to study them. I am being totally up front and honest. I'm not a random meteorite enthusiast. I don't collect or shop or read about anything, particularly not space rocks. I have researched for hundreds of hours, so I know what I'm talking about. The chemical analysis are from Activation Laboratories. A six year old can see the difference between melting and abrasion or deterioration, especially with a microscope, which you don't need with this meteorites. Why don't you just accept reality. This will be public very soon, and there is enough to go around. You should come and get some for yourself. My "agenda" you write about, is to sell my meteorites, publish a coffee table photo book, and retire. Is that ok with you, Carl?

19 minutes ago11:47pm EST

Your specimens were rejected and deemed unworthy of study because they are so obviously not lunar. A six year old rockhound can see that your "lunars" are terrestrial junk. Your pipe dreams of wealth and prominence are delusional. You can't offer unclassified meteorites for this kind of money without raising every red flag on the planet.

You can't self classify material like this just because you think you understand the things you've found on a search engine. Once again. I think you know this and you are still proceeding to try and defraud the public. Please stop.
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