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From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 12:17:05 -0800
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Dear List Members,

I am making another saw available for those who are interested in
preparing their own material. I am guessing that this saw weighs
between 500 to 600 pounds so it would have to be picked up in Laughlin,
Nevada, perhaps on your way to Quartzsite or Tucson for the shows. I
will be happy to work with any shipping company you choose as well. I
recently moved so I am making serious tools available one piece at a
time starting with lapidary equipment which I no longer use.

I have a large US Made, Highland Park R3 lapidary saw available for
those who are interested in owning the very best. This saw was
manufactured using welded steel plates, not flimsy sheet metal like
modern saws. It has two massive bearings located on the outside of the
saw with zerq fittings. This is important for those who do not want to
add additives to their coolant to preserve the bearings. I have seen
the bearings wear out on modern Chinese made saws in less than than a
year while these bearings will last a lifetime. It is a five speed saw
with a precision worm drive and auto shutoff. It has dual carriage rails
instead of a single rail which are all-too-common these days. It
currently has mounted on it, a near new 20" MK Diamond Products Gem King
blade with only a single dressing cut of use on it. I also have a
well-used 20" blade that still has perhaps thousands of cuts left on it.
  I also have a smaller 12" diamond blade with only a single cutting
session on it. I will include an end cut jig that has never been used
as well.

Although this saw will never win a beauty contest, mechanically it is in
excellent condition. There is no bearing run out, the carriage has
absolutely no play whatsoever and it performs cuts flawlessly. It is
very quite, a testament to how well made it is. As a matter of fact,
the cuts are so smooth that I can polish out a single side of a large
slab by hand in less than 10 minutes using diamond pads. Even my
massive Rogue hydraulic saw cannot perform smoother cuts. Another neat
feature is that you can use nearly any sized blade you want with the
proper arbor size since this saw is so precise and it has a catch tray.
I ran the 12" blade once on some valuable material since the kerf was
much less than with a massive blade. It is equipped with the optional
Plexiglass cover which has a crack across the top from shipping. I
performed a crude repair on it thinking I would replace the cracked
plexiglass sheet piece later but never got around to it. This in no way
affects its performance.

The last used saw like this I saw on the market sold for over $2,000.00
and it was missing the cover altogether, had no blades, was rusty and
stored outside. Highland Park saws are the best and are known to hold
their value. I am asking $2,500.00 for this one; A very reasonable
price considering professionals will rarely part with one.

Links to saw images:

The Saw:






Crack in cover:


Spare 12 and 20 inch blades:



End-cut Jig:



Thank you for looking,

Kind Regards,

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