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Hi All,

Regarding Tracy's post--in a full Blood moon, an impact was observeable--
Good call Tracy...which may not have been seen on a "brighter" moon.

So, are there Any Moon observations that are being performed with different
filters. I believe impacts are occuring more often than we (see) know. ??

Does anyone have a guesstimate on the speed/size/origin/crater size
of this particular impact?

Nite, John

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We watched the lunar eclipse Sunday night, although in mid-Pacific we were only able to see it from totality on. As the Moon
started to reemerge from shadow, one of our friends said, "Does anyone else see that reddish light on the moon by the terminator?"
Squinting, we just caught the end of a very brief flare. I was hoping and wondering if we had spotted an impact, and lo!

A meteorite hit the moon during yesterday?s total lunar eclipse
Observers of yesterday?s lunar eclipse were blessed with the first known sighting of a meteorite impact during such an event. The
so-called ?super wolf blood moon? was eagerly watched by ...

Another of our friends online caught the impact on video:
"At 1:23:04 <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idU8JfrS-xM&t=4984s>you can see an impact flash occur on the moon at about the 8
o'clock position near the edge! This matches with a variety of other videos of the eclipse which caught the same event.? " ~~

I was very lucky!

Tracy Latimer

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