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You Rock kevin.Can't wait to read the rest of your story. Carl

Love & Life
---- Kevin Kichinka via Meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote: 
> Team Meteorite:
> Some have said that the M-List has ceded its usefulness to FaceBook.
> In the case of selling this exciting, brilliantly fresh fall, I beg to
> differ. I had six solid inquiries and the two were sold in 18 hours.
> In this aftermath, I humbly suggest that this fall will not soon be
> forgotten, perhaps joining the ranks of Peekskill and Murchison.
> Why?
> - Yesterday's revealed CM2 classification suggest new discoveries that will
> be made
> - It is a 'Hammer', significant to those who enjoy that sub-set of
> collecting
> - It fell in an exotic place as only the country's second meteorite - both
> falls (the last in 1857)
> - Unspoken at the moment, there await 'colorful characters' soon to be
> revealed
> - A mountain of video exits of the event, including one of the fireball
> flying horizontally over the crater of the erupting 'colasis', Volcan
> Turrialba.
> Excuse my special excitement at the one, it's a volcano who's crater I once
> ate lunch in, staring up at 360 degrees of crater rim and sulfur- steaming
> *fumeroles*.
> I suggest these factors make this the most important and endearing
> meteorite so far in the 21st century.
> Regarding the provisional name of Aguas Zarcas, according to WIKI, "comes
> from the hot spring waters that could well be called "*Aguas de azul suave*
> ".
> Sweet. The "soft blue waters".
> Pura Vida.
> I hope that this name sticks. The town of Aguas Zarcas has a post office, a
> requirement for being named. The University of Costa Rica and all news
> media in the country call it that. The local people call it that. The name
> 'sounds like' something Costa Rican. The various pueblos that adjoin the
> town are merely scattered houses and cow pasture.
> But if another name is deemed necessary, the only other candidate worthy of
> a chondrule of consideration would be 'La Cocaleca' for reasons of witness
> testimonies, volume of recoveries, and in honor of the families who have
> lived there for decades and did the initial recovering.
> "Papa, es eso un meteorito en nuestro patio delantero?"
> "Dad! Is that a meteorite in our front yard?"
> I hope that Paul and Jim allow me to share the story that will likely grow
> into a legend.
> Thanks to all that wrote me here at Nine Degrees North.
> Kevin Kichinka
> Where Two Toucans flew by my door at dawn today.
> Somewhere west of Puriscal, "Chicharone Capital of Costa Rica'
> "The Art of Collecting Meteorites" available as an eBook on Amazon
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