[meteorite-list] Both Aguas Zarcas specimens have been sold

From: Kevin Kichinka <marsrox_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 5 May 2019 12:18:14 -0600
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Team Meteorite:

Some have said that the M-List has ceded its usefulness to FaceBook.

In the case of selling this exciting, brilliantly fresh fall, I beg to
differ. I had six solid inquiries and the two were sold in 18 hours.

In this aftermath, I humbly suggest that this fall will not soon be
forgotten, perhaps joining the ranks of Peekskill and Murchison.


- Yesterday's revealed CM2 classification suggest new discoveries that will
be made
- It is a 'Hammer', significant to those who enjoy that sub-set of
- It fell in an exotic place as only the country's second meteorite - both
falls (the last in 1857)
- Unspoken at the moment, there await 'colorful characters' soon to be
- A mountain of video exits of the event, including one of the fireball
flying horizontally over the crater of the erupting 'colasis', Volcan

Excuse my special excitement at the one, it's a volcano who's crater I once
ate lunch in, staring up at 360 degrees of crater rim and sulfur- steaming

I suggest these factors make this the most important and endearing
meteorite so far in the 21st century.

Regarding the provisional name of Aguas Zarcas, according to WIKI, "comes
from the hot spring waters that could well be called "*Aguas de azul suave*

Sweet. The "soft blue waters".

Pura Vida.

I hope that this name sticks. The town of Aguas Zarcas has a post office, a
requirement for being named. The University of Costa Rica and all news
media in the country call it that. The local people call it that. The name
'sounds like' something Costa Rican. The various pueblos that adjoin the
town are merely scattered houses and cow pasture.

But if another name is deemed necessary, the only other candidate worthy of
a chondrule of consideration would be 'La Cocaleca' for reasons of witness
testimonies, volume of recoveries, and in honor of the families who have
lived there for decades and did the initial recovering.

"Papa, es eso un meteorito en nuestro patio delantero?"

"Dad! Is that a meteorite in our front yard?"

I hope that Paul and Jim allow me to share the story that will likely grow
into a legend.

Thanks to all that wrote me here at Nine Degrees North.

Kevin Kichinka
Where Two Toucans flew by my door at dawn today.
Somewhere west of Puriscal, "Chicharone Capital of Costa Rica'
"The Art of Collecting Meteorites" available as an eBook on Amazon
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