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Re: Laymans Meteorite Newsletter.

fes@UWYO.EDU wrote:
>         Hello everybody. I know that this is not the format for this type
> of post, but since I posted this here once I will have to do so a final
> time.I am starting the newsletter up in May or June. Please e-mail me
> directly at fes@uwyo.edu for more details. I apologize to those who are
> not interested.
> Thanks for your time,
> Frank Stroik


I'm interested, but won't it replicate or be a bit redundant over what
meteorite central's newsletter sends out?? How about becoming a
contributor to one or both of the two new amateur journals for
meteoritophiles??  There is concern that there's not enough
contributions to keep those fine publications a-going.  I, for one,
would hate to see Meteorite! grind to a stop as they've (pallasite
press) already come so far in just a couple of year's time.