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Re: A new LL7 from Austrailia.

	I think our collections would be a good place to find more type 
7's. I feel that the type 7 designation is not a valid type so to speak. 
Instead of representing a set of descrete principles, it merely indicates 
an extreme metemorphism. I use the term on the basis of the olivines and 
pyroxenes having almost the same Fe composition. 
	In addition, this one shows a shock classificsation of 
stage 4. Perhaps it is greater, but some detail is obscured by 
	 This chondrite is unique, and displays some interesting 
characteristics, for example, it contains a high plagioclase abundance.
If this were a eucrite, lunar, SNC, or angrite I would not be surprised 
at seeing plagioclase in the meteorite. However, all other compositions 
indicate a chondrite. 
	What Iam saying is, that if we were to look at these meteorites 
more closely, perhaps a set of characters could be obtained to define the 
type 7's more clearly. Maybe plagioclase is a result of melting of 
olivine and pyroxene. I don't know. I am going to refine my elemental 
abundances, and look for interesting relationships. I also would like to 
contact the other folks who have designated type 7's. I think maybe it 
could one day be used as a meaningful type designation.

Frank Stroik