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Re: A new LL7 from Austrailia.

> Hi Frank,
> Regarding the LL7, I've heard that there would be more LL7s, and L7s
> for that matter, except the petrologic number 7 was not accepted
> as a realistic classification much in the past.  This means that
> several other LL6s and L6s could really be 7s if retested today.  Do
> you know anything about this?
> Those who I have talked with said that 7s of anything were a little
> sketchy due to the early nature of the methods used to classify them.
> Could the place to look for more LL7s be in our collections?
> Sincerely,
> Martin

Frank and Martin,

For what it's worth, I've the mainmass for an E "7", Forrest 033,
Australia.  Been worked on by Dr. Keil's group in Honolulu.  I think
impact metamorphosis greater than 4.6 b.y...  Interesting oriented
rivulets of metal even at 200x...