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Re: A new LL7 from Austrailia.

fes@UWYO.EDU wrote:
>         Today I finished my anaylisis of of two new chondrites from
> Austrailia. Chemical data show that one is an H5, and the other is an
> LL7. The LL7 is weathered, but the data was almost exactly what one would
> suspect from a chemical anaylisis.
>         It exhibits almost complete obliteration of chondrules. In an
> entire thin section, one is very poorly preserved. In any case I thought
> I would bring this to the attention of the list. This brings the count to
> 3 known specimens for LL7's.
> Frank Stroik
> Department of Geology
> And Geophysics
> The University of Wyoming


If you contact Labenne Luc in France, I think you'll find that of his
recently found 37 new Saharan meteorites, that there's a new LL7 in the
group.  Perhaps I have my wires crossed, but he'll be bringing some to
market soon.


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