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AD, roosevelt County masses available

Due to my computer crash, I am forced to use this list to let everyone
know that I have 14 entore masses of meteorites found in Roosevelt
County New Mexico. These vary from 1 to 1600 grams and are the entire
meteorite. I have VERY LITTLE available of 3 masses right now. I still
am unable to update my website with photos and am trying to resolve that
issue. I hope anyone offended by this can just delete it but it does
involve new, rare, and historically interesting stuff never before seen
on the market. One mass I have is 540 grams total known weight and is
perfectly oriented H5. I have only one slice available that will ever be
taken off so only me and one other pereson will own a piece  of this
meteorite. Please email me for details and to be added to my meteorite
list. I also have several slices of Portales available immediately
Mike Farmer

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