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20 questions on Sikhote etching

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd ask for the List's help and advice before continuing with a
process that may end in tears (mine!).
I have a 2Kg Sikhote Alin that I'd like to take a few slices off ...but here's
my problem. Someone once told me that this coarsest octahedrite has bands that
can be up to 50mm wide, so I could end up with a slice that has at most only 2
bands showing when etched. Is the 50mm width typical or the extreme, and is
there a minimum slice size to aim for? 
Also, does Sikhote shrapnel etch differently to complete individuals? The
reason I ask is that shrapnel pieces may have been heat altered or affected
when the bolide exploded...would these still etch?

I don't have any etched Sikhote at the moment, so I was hoping to keep an
etched end piece for myself and trade 1 or 2 etched slices.
What are my chances guys?.........should I cut or play it safe?


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