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Re: [meteorite_sale] RV: Zagami Thin section Wanted


It can take 3-5 grams of material, plus cutting loss to prepare a decent
thin section. If you want one of Zagami you will probably have to supply
your own specimen and find a good university to prepare the thin section
for you. I'm not aware of any dealers who would commit that kind of
money on their own.

You might check with Bernd Pauli to see which universities have Zagami
thin sections. If there is one reasonably close to you and you just want
to study it you might be able to make an arrangement with them. The trip
might even cost less than the thin section.


Patrick Marcos Nikolaus wrote:
> From: "Patrick Marcos Nikolaus" 
> I look for a Zagami thin section that is for sale.
> Patrick Marcos
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