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Re: [meteorite_sale] RV: Zagami Thin section Wanted

Hello Gene, Patrick, Michael, Bernd, and all the others:

Gene, I disagree with your first point. It must not necessarily take
that much of material to prepare a thin section. If you have a flat
specimen with a favorable area to mass ratio (e.g. a thin slice with
plan-parallel cut faces), 1+ g will do for even two sections to be made.
I know this since I had my Saharan EH3 - slide prepared from only a 1.1
g thin partslice, which in terms of material sufficed for two thin
sections to be prepared, one of which is still in my collection.

With Zagami, I believe it will be very difficult these days to buy a
thin section anywhere. Some years ago David New had it on his sales
lists, and I was fortunate enough to get my own Zagami slide from him,
but I have only one of this type and won´t let it go, sorry Patrick.
Maybe some of the others that David sold to his customers may turn up
again for sale over time.

So, Patrick, I personally would recommend you try to get a small, very
thin (1 - max. 2 mm) partslice of Zagami somewhere, and have a slide
prepared from this. This will not be cheap, as nowadays you will have to
spend at least US$ 750 (and up) retail for 1 g of Zagami (carefully
check with the dealers about the shape of the piece, before you order!),
but with some luck you could have two thin sections made of it, one of
which you could trade in turn with another interested party to reduce
your overall costs. And you may ask Juergen Nauber in Zuerich again,
whom you already know as an expert with thin sections.

Best regards, Alex
Alexander Seidel        My location on planet Earth
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Gene Roberts wrote:
> Patrick,
> It can take 3-5 grams of material, plus cutting loss to prepare a decent
> thin section. If you want one of Zagami you will probably have to supply
> your own specimen and find a good university to prepare the thin section
> for you. I'm not aware of any dealers who would commit that kind of
> money on their own.
> You might check with Bernd Pauli to see which universities have Zagami
> thin sections. If there is one reasonably close to you and you just want
> to study it you might be able to make an arrangement with them. The trip
> might even cost less than the thin section.
> Gene
> Patrick Marcos Nikolaus wrote:
> >
> > From: "Patrick Marcos Nikolaus" 
> >
> > I look for a Zagami thin section that is for sale.
> >
> > Patrick Marcos
> >
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