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Fw: Armageddon

Hello Jim and List,

Jim was being too kind in his review of Armageddon.

None of the science is remotely accurate.  Armageddon makes Deep Impact look
like a Ph.D. thesis by comparison.

In Armageddon:

The Earth is bombarded with periodic meteor showers for many weeks leading
up to the expected arrival of the Big One.  The showers are shown far in
outer space heading towards the Earth for a direct hit.  There is no bollide
breaking up on entry into the Earth's atmosphere.  Yet, Manhattan is pelted
with meteorites like a shotgun blast.  The meteors streak in almost
horizonal to the streets of New York City.

The main asteroid reminds me of Superman's secret lair at the North Pole --
stalagmites everywhere -- and no smooth surface with impact craters or
pock-marks.  Yet, one of the two space shuttles land in this geologic briar
patch without injury.

The asteroid has its own Grand Canyon -- complete with sedimentary layers
and erosion.

The asteroid has gravity because rovers travel with wheels on the ground,
the space shuttle makes a glide landing and people walk around without
tethers.  However, one of the rovers jumps over the abyss of the Grand
Canyon.  So this is an asteroid where gravity comes and goes.

The space shuttle flies in outer space and around the moon like an airplane
or W.W.II fighter plane.  Of course, no one is weightless in outer space
while on the shuttle (they walk around).  Yet they practiced weightlessness
in the NASA water tank training facility before taking off.

The astronomer who discovers the main asteroid is an improverished, drunken
reprobate who lives in a junky trailer and fights with his combative wife --
yet the astronomer owns his own major observatory.   Now that I think about
it,  most of my astronomer friends became impoverished after buying their
telescopes -- and some had to convince their doubting spouses that a
telescope was a more important investment than their annual IRA
contribution -- so this part may be accurate after all.

The movie is so bad, I almost slept through it.  My wife actually gave it a
B+ as an "action movie," and said, "It was like science fiction without the

Steven Excell
Seattle, Washington USA
E-Mail: excell@concentric.net

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