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Re: 20 questions on Sikhote etching

Bernd kindly wrote:
Any other examples out there? Rob and I, we are waiting for more
contributions. Let's go, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hello Bernd and All,

I have an example of a small etched Sikhote-Alin slice posted in the
gallery of the Meteorite Exchange at the following URL:

The specimen is 90mm tip to tail and 39mm in width. The inclusion in the
center of this oriented cross section is 28mm x 15mm (these dimensions are
taken on the reverse side where the triolite inclusion has a larger surface

There are two distinct bands, one 13mm thick visible in the upper left
section of the photograph, and the other at about 30mm thick making up the
rest of the slice.

Although the bands are not a major feature of this slice (as with many
small S-A slices), there is plenty going on with the metal and inclusions
to keep one busy studying it for quite a while, especially under

Hope this helps.




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