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> I expect the owners (is it Meteor Crater Enterprises, or something
> like that?) would come up with some "good reason" why a monument
> couldn't go there, but it is a great idea. What would make it even
> better would be a statue of Nininger next to the ruin, looking over
> at the crater, and the statue could be cast out of Canyon Diablo iron!

Hi Matt, Gene, Geoff, and List!

1) MARVIN U.B. (1993) The Meteoritical Society: 1933 to 1993
(Meteoritics 28-3, 1993, July, pp. 261-314).

=> Exploration rights to the Barringer Crater, page 273.

2) O.R. NORTON (1998) Rocks from Space, 2nd ed., pp. 279-287:

- The American Meteorite Museum
- The Commercial Enterprise
- A Time of Crisis
- Return to the Crater
- A New Beginning
- The Final Sale
- A Personal Review
- The American Meteorite Laboratory

Best wishes, Bernd

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