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> Dear Gene,
> I like that idea! I was at the ruin earlier this year, trying to take some
> pictures. There are "No Trespassing" signs everywhere (at Meteor Crater?
> Surely not!)), so you can't even get up to have a close look at the old
> museum. Funny, sounds just like the situation at the crater.

They used to let you go down, but no more. (Probably for safety and
erosion concerns, but they sell Coconino limestone flour from "the
bottom of the crater" in the gift shop). Hmm...

> I expect the owners (is it Meteor Crater Enterprises, or something like
> that?) would come up with some "good reason" why a monument couldn't go
> there, but it is a great idea.

I think it is still in the Barringer family, because they call
themselves "Barringer Crater Enterprises" or something to that effect.
You are absolutely correct that they would quickly come up with a reason
to prevent the Nininger museum from being recognized...in their gift
shop they sell a little booklet that even goes as far as to call
Nininger a thief! I know nothing about this, having never met the man,
but I do know that they should at least give him a little credit for his
work involving the crater. Instead, the Meteor Crater museum and
"official" history just don't recognize him, instead giving Barringer
all of the credit for research there. True, Barringer did recognize its
origin, but Nininger did most of the scientific research there. 
(Sorry for the ranting!)

 What would make it even better would be a
> statue of Nininger next to the ruin, looking over at the crater, and the
> statue could be cast out of Canyon Diablo iron!
> Should we take up a collection?  : )
> Geoff

Pity we can't afford it, what with prices they way they are. Hmm,
another way to anger the Barringers? :)

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