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Re: Perspective

    An excellent post!!! Very well said and I share your thoughts exactly. I
got my first meteorite in 1988, a 154gm Canyon Diablo. 2 months ago I
decided to start a real collection because I can now afford to. I buy small
pieces because they're more affordable and just as much meteorites as the
big pieces are. I too may never own moon or Mars material because of the
costs. I don't worry about it. I enjoy other people's photos of such
specimens. I have no care as to doing this as an investment, it's for the
pure joy of owning and marveling at these rare visitors for space. It blows
my mind that I can own pieces of asteroids!
I can hold them in my hand and think of where they came from as I gaze at them. 
It's such a thrill showing them to kids, the excitement and joy they show is
iceing on the cake. Meteorites for me are FUN and awe inspiring. 

I'm not saying collecting them for investment reasons is bad per say, but
when it gets out of hand as it has recently it's just plain sad...

Tom Randall 

At 10:53 AM 7/7/98 -0700, Steve wrote:

>But for me, meteorite hunting is a joy--  A joy that I have had since
>childhood.  And the child within me lives even now as I search meteorites
>out.  My perspective on the current situation is-- why should 
>anyone collect meteorites?  What is your reason?  
>I collect, and hunt because I enjoy it.  

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