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Re: Perspective


  Finally a sane post about what's going on with meteorites lately.    Really
folks,  if you feel the price is too high dont buy it.    People snapped up
Matt's new eucrite,  I didnt see any protest that it went for 10 times
Millbilillie!    This is the nature of meteorite or any other collectible
items,  people will want to get them first,  and the rarest will command the
higest prices.   If you cant afford this one there are 100's of meteorites for

  As to a boycot,  yes,  if you feel that it too high for you dont buy.   But
in an auction,  people will pay what they think it's worth to them.    The
Monahans meteorite is the first nationally covered meteorite story in many
years.   It had a happy ending too,  with the kids getting to keep what they
witnessed fall.   Also there's visable Halite and Sylvite crystals in it too.
This is unique among meteorite!  

 So here we have a witnessed fall of a totally unique meteorite.   There's
also only just over a kilo of  this meteorite that will be available.   Now
this meteorite is up at auction.   I feel it's a "very special" meteorite and
I'll be bidding on it.   If you dont want to join me thats ok with me.
  I want to thank Steve Arnold for giving me the chance to bid on this
meteorite.   He just as easily could have sold it to a dealer,  and then I'ld
have to pay the price that dealer wants.   Now that I can bid my own price
we'll all be on an equal footing.  

Geoff Cintron   



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