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Re: more Armageddon toughts

Maison de l'Astronomie P.L. Inc. wrote:

> So I guess that if you want to see an action packed
> movie, with a lot of noise and special effects, you won't be desapointed,

Which is why I went.  I wasn't expecting accuracy.  I'd read too many reviews
and knew better.  I went for a "Star Wars" sort of experience and wasn't 
disappointed.  As a matter of fact, it was well worth the US$4.25 matinee
price I paid for it.

If I insisted an accuracy before going to see a film, there'd be very few movies
to see.  And I've seen more than a few that were highly accurate... and stunk.

> but if you want to see a movie that was supposed to be accurate
> scientificly speaking then you must wait until you see the video tape in a
> garage sale at 1$ a copy.

Deep Impact was fairly accurate and much more in tune with emotions other that
excitement and fear.  It was a touching movie (to me) which made a concerted
effort to show the good side of humanity in such a situation.  Opportunities
to use what would have been impressive special effects were intentionally
skipped for dramatic effect.  Most of the "bad side" of human reaction to the
cometary death sentence was only portrayed in the background of a scene on a 
television screen.  The movie had a wonderful message and successfully got it 
across to me and, from the mood of the rest of the audience when the lights
came up, most everyone else I could see.

Bill Blair

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