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Re: Perspective

	Many ways to look at things - and yours is equally valid, of course - I
am not really opposed to Monahans going for a "high" price - I am much
much more concerned about the publicity kicking off higher prices
accross the board, as we have seen with Portalis. 
	I do feel it is crucial for EVERY collector, dealer and broker, when
speaking to ANY of the media, that it be stressed that the value of
meteoritic material varies from .25cents/g to thousands of dollars a
gram depending on the rarity of type, the circumsatances of the fall and
the total weight of a given fall, and that "common Chondrites" are just
that, "common"  and that "rare" types are RARE. That way, HOPEFULLY,
when stories reach the "public" (ie farmers) they don't think every
common chondride is worth its weight in gold or higher.
	I wish you luck in the bidding & I wish the boys and Steve plenty of
proffit. I just don't want all of us to continue paying for it forever.
	I want guys like you & Stuart and myself to be able to have collections
- not to see a bleak future of wall street types stashing their
"investments" in a bank while the rest of us are truggling to save up
for a gram or two of common chondrites.
	If everyone comming into contact with the medea will stress the range
of values of meteorites, we can all have a win/win situation.
	Best wishes, Michael
	(PS: I passed up 6 kg of El Hammami at .25c/g and bought DAG 262 at
about $25,000/g - both within the last 12 months)

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