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Re: Monahans/Holbrook link?

Dear Steve and list members,         
	I have often wondered about that, myself, Steve - not salt crystals,
just why did some specimens of Holbrook weather so severely & others
hardly at all? You may have the answer - but I aint breaking open any of
my perfect little specimens to check it out!
         PS: I will be gone from tomorrow to Monday evening - if people
email me, that is why I won't be responding until late Monday. (I MAY
make it to Portalis, but I hear it is now post to post "Keep Out" signs
- so, I probably won't go out of my way)
         Best wishes, Michael
> > >Dear Listees,
> > >With the impending ‘auction’ of Monahans, here is a little more information
> > to consider.
> > >According to Zolensky, et al in the paper published on Monahans
> in NIPR #23
> >  journal this year :
> > >
> > >1: "The most likely paragenesis for the halite is asteroidal brines.
> (SNIP)
> > This is very interesting.  I wonder if Holbrook has some salts present
> > in its matrix, as I have found pieces in the field that are terribly
> > weathered, and no farther than a 100 feet away, in the same type of
> > soil there have been found specimens in nearly pristine condition.
> >
> > Perhaps some of the fresh ones that were fully crusted and picked up
> > in 1912 should be examined for the presence of salts.  The salt may
> > not have been distributed evenly throughout the matrix of the meteoroid,
> > and this could explain why today pieces are found that range from very
> > weathered to almost perfect.
> >
> > Steve Schoner

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