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Two Meteorite Research Posiitons Open

Hello List,
Paying jobs in meteorite research are few and far between.  For those of you who are scientists looking for full-time academic research positions, the latest issue of AGU's EOS (June 30, 1998) has ads for two open positions:
Meteorite Researcher.  A position is open for a Senior Research Scientist II, Grade 15, in the Institute of Meteoritics, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico.  Research projects include achondrites, Martian meteorites, lunar samples, IDPs and studies of other primitive solar system materials.  Requires 5 years of meteoritic research experience, Ph.D. in geoscience, planetary sciences, or related field.
Planetary Materials Researcher/SIMS Analyst.  A postdoctoral position is available in the Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico, to work on: (1) Johnson Space Center Astrobiology Program; and (2) SIMS instrument development.  Requires a Ph.D. in geoscience, planetary sciences, or related field.
The ads have extensive descriptions of each position which I would be happy to mail or fax the ads to any seriously interested scientists who do not subscribe to EOS.  Please e-mail me directly so we do not clog the List.
Steven Excell
2528 Yale Ave. E.
Seattle, Washington 98102 USA
E-Mail: excell@concentric.net