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Re: Vatican Collection

>List members,
>Why does the Vatican have one of the best meteorite collections in the
>world? Do they support the scientific theories of meteorites or do they
>simply represent miraculous stones from the heavens? It seems like an
>oxymoron to me. Any comments?

Contrary to popular opinion regarding the Catholic Church, there are
indeed quite a few scientists that are priests.  Though their names
escape me, some are contributing meteoriticists.  

I think though, that the Vatican Collection of Meteorites were amassed
as curiosites.  Many of their pieces were acquired in the 19th century
by Catholic parishoners who saw them fall.

The Vatican also has what many consider the greatest collection of
ancient artifacts, books, and art in the world.  

I imagine that this is so, being that this church as been around for
almost 2,000 years.

The church also has an observatory, and an ASU graduate of astronomy
as its director.  He also curates the Vatican Meteorite Collection.

With regards to science, the Vatican is much more open than the 
fundamentalist "oxymoron" Bible thumper, "Jesus saves" crowd.

Steve Schoner

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