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Re: Vatican Collection

Doug kindly wrote:
>Also ask Galileo Galilei if it's an oxymoron to  be an astronomer and a
>Roman Catholic.

Hello All,
Before any myths of the Galileo story are perpetuated in this in this
electronic medium, it would be wise to study the facts of the incidents
rather than recycle the common but inaccurate stories about the Church's
position regarding Galileo's work.  I recommend the works about Galileo by
Stillman Drake. Or for the electronic crowd, check out the URL:

The more modern view of such issues is summed up in the recent statement by
the Pope that "Truth cannot contradict Truth."

Regarding the Vatican meteorite collection, it was not uncommon for
powerful groups and countries to amass meteorite collections since the
metal in iron meteorites was superior that which was mined and forged. An
army could be defeated because the hardness of their swords and knives was
less than that of their opponents. For a listing of other Vatican
collections, check out the URL:

In addition to the Vatican, the University of Rome also has a large and
wonderful meteorite collection.




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