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      With all the recent argument over meteorite prices, and since i'm
one of those so called "evil" meteorite dealers, I have decided to do my
part in lowering prices. Starting off, i will be deducting 10% off the
price of all the meteorites i have for sale. I am also offering several
Gibeon individuals for only $160 kilo, if interested e-mail me for more
      Finally, I feel that in the long run all meteorite prices are
determined by the collector's. If they feel the price on a meteorite is
too high they will not buy it, in turn, if they don't buy it the dealer
will have to lower his (or her) price. Of course there will be a few
collector's who's main goal is to compete with other collector's, and
they are the one's who perpetuate the high market prices by paying
outrageous amounts of money, just to get a piece they can brag about to
their friends. Anyway that's just my opinion on the topic. 

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