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New Eucrite / Monahans / Forgiveness

Hi again-

!!Mars Cubes weren't JUST for kids!!  

So many subscribers are making the presumption that the media is eagerly
awaiting to hear of the disposition of this meteorite with bated breath.  I
could be wrong, but I would not be surprised if Monahans is a media "pass."
 This story became cold long ago...except on this list. As for the
speculation of my being interested in the acquisition of Monahans, I
honestly cannot say at this time what I will do.  I am troubled by the
considerations enumerated by Lerner/Julia, and I assure you that my
interest would be reduced to nil if Steve Arnold elects to take his 25%
commission in material.

The entire mass of the new eucrite that Matt has been selling was available
at Phillips this past January for $55,000, or $38/gram.  It failed to meet
the reserve and did not sell.

Less than two months ago, a 20.6 gram partial slice of this same meteorite,
with fusion crust, was offered at Phillips and also failed to hit the
reserve of $40/gram.

Yet now $100/gram is eagerly being paid.   

My point is that before anyone complains about the pricing of meteorites,
do a little research instead and your efforts may be rewarded. 

(I possess much of the balance of the eucrite, but per an arrangement with
Matt, I will not be making any more material available until he sells-out
his inventory.)

Prices are more stable than what they might otherwise appear to be despite
the ridiculous figures being tossed around...which reminds me of a
vaudevillian joke:

"I hear you're a very famous painter..."
"Well...yes--I am"
"How much do your paintings sell for?"
"One million dollars apiece..."
"That's incredible.  And how many have you sold?"
"None as of yet."

Having purchased Portales from Mike Farmer, the H(?) aspect will prove to
be only a small part of the story as Portales is indeed a rather
extraordinary meteorite to behold.

While it sounds really nice, the term "meteorite family" would appear to be
an oxymoron.  Does anyone sincerely believe that a group comprised of
individuals with wildly differing interests in a given subject matter
results in a "family"?  

In any event, while I was away, my brother Michael Casper sent me an
apology for what he admitted were the untruthful diatribes about me that he
had posted to the list.  (I'm presuming he also sent apology(s) to the
person(s) he had flamed.)  Apart from my being embarrassed as a result of
this loving kamikaze raid, real, quantifiable damage was done.   

While it is difficult for me to forgive Michael, I agree with Art that
Michael should be allowed back into the list provided he abides by the
rules of the list...and that he IMMEDIATELY pay Steve Arnold the $100,000
that he said he had allocated for the purchase of Monahans.  :) 


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