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KL Boundary

Pat Radomsky is an absolute joy when it comes to the cutting and
preparation of meteorites as he is a perfectionist.  And Pat prefers the
kitty litter approach...as the use of water is anathema to him.  However,
we have on occasion encountered problems with certain porous chondrites
where a creamy or grey matrix remains disconcertingly darker regardless of
the extent of KL soakings... even following the use of an oil solvent.


>2) AT LEAST ONE major dealer cust ONLY with oil, then "cures" the slices
>in UNTREATED kitty litter made exclusively of chips of hardened mud.
>This "pulls" the oil out, supposedly leaving the material completely
>free of oil. He claims the kitty litter leaching method is 100%
>efective, leaving no sign, whatsoever, of the material ever having come
>into contact with oil. (He is clear one must use kitty litter free of
>any chemical aditives - chemicals used to control oder or cause
>"clumping" can also be very causitive of rusting)
>        This person considers almost ALL rusting of stoney meteorites to be due
>to the use of water in their cutting - even if this shows up months
>later. He also considers all "water cutters" to be either ignorant,
>stubborn and/or lazy ( as the "curing time" is 3 to 6 weeks when oil is

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