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Re: Specific Gravity information?

TMS/TNS/HRC schrieb:

> Also, any other information at all about Maltahohe would be
> appreciated. Thanks, Jeanne.

Hello Jeanne, hello List,

Here is some info on Maltahöhe:


A single mass of 22.272 kg was found in a mountainous region 7 km west
of Maltahöhe. Classification and analysis, Ni 10.7%, Ir 0.24 ppm, Ga
26ppm, As 19ppm, J.T.Wasson, Inst. of Geophysics and Planet. Physics,
UCLA, LA, CA 90024-1567, USA. Contains cm-sized silicate inclusions.
Information and main mass, M.D.Cilz, Box 1063, Malta, MT 59538, USA.

McCOY T.J. et al. (1983) Genesis of the IIICD iron meteorites: Evidence
from silicate-bearing inclusions (Meteoritics 28-4, 1993, 552,
Editorial, 487):

Our cover for this issue shows the Maltahöhe IIICD iron meteorite. Like
their distant relatives the IAB iron meteorites, the lesser-known IIICD
meteorites contain large dark, irregular inclusions of
graphite-troilite-silicate. In fact, they constitute 14.4% of the
surface of the cover photograph. In the present issue, Tim McCoy, Klaus
Keil, Ed Scott and Henning Haack discuss silicate inclusions in
Maltahöhe and two other IIICD iron meteorites, Carlton and Dayton, and
compare them with the silicate inclusions in the IAB iron meteorites.
The elemental trends displayed by these two classes are quite unlike
those observed in the more populous iron meteorite groups, and it has
often been suggested that these groups came from melt pools near the
surface of their parent bodies rather than from cores. The present
authors dispute this and consider that IAB and IIICD irons came from the
core-mantle interfaces where the core is unually sulfur-rich. However,
there are many differences between the IAB and IIICD iron meteorites,
which the authors attribute to major differences in the complexity of
the solidification history for the and IAB and IIICD irons.

Best wishes,


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