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Re: Salaices, Mexico

mark jackson schrieb:

> Hi,  I have only one specimen that shows rusting it is: Salaices,
> Chihuahua Mexico It is a Olivine-bronzite chondrite  (H4). Has
> anyone had problems with this or is it maybe the way it was
> prepared? Would also like to know any info. on it. Good Health
> mark j.

Hello Mark, hello List,

My small Salaices individual (8 gr) also looks pretty bad, it is
weathered and shows signs of rust.

Salaices - H4
Mexico, Chihuahua
27 00' N / 105 15' W
Find 1971

1203g, Tempe, Arizona State Univ.
395g, Washington, U.S. Nat. Mus.
BM London, 1906g (part slice), 32.7g.

One mass of 3.9 kg was found 6 km SW. of Salaices and within the Allende
strewnfield, about 1.5 km NE. of Rancho Blanco, Meteor. Bull., 1972,
(51), Meteoritics, 1972, 7, p.229. A further mass, 39 fragments
totalling 20.6 kg, was found in 1981 about 7.2 km WSW. of the original
find site, close to Pueblito de Allende.

Best wishes,


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