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Re: A Tektite Meteorite?!!?

Hello Dan (and List).  Let's have some fun!

> How many errors can you find?
>  There is a picture of what looks like a raisin shaped black rock with
>  dimples on a stand.  The base of the stand sports a plaque 

Obvious but common error.
>  The ad headline reads: "Capture an interstellar traveler"
>  The ad copy reads:
>  -------------------------
>  It slammed into Earth in a fiery cataclysm a thousand years ago.

Very precise measurement (must be a small standard deviation).  The ad copy
writer must be a proponant of the lunar theory origin.

>The distance it journeyed stretched between the very stars.

Maybe a reference to Hollywood, CA?

>  What wonders did it witness?  What strange civilizations noted its
>  passing?

Hollywood, CA!!
>  As collectors snatch them up, genuine meteorite fragments are getting
>  rarer and rarer.

Debatable (but lets not do it, okay).

> After all, it's not every day that a visitor  from 2,000 light-years away
crashlands on the planet.

Oh, I don't know.  Ask the folks in Roswell, NM.

> Held in real goldplated calipers, authentic Tektite Meteorite is strikingly
>  presented.

See point #1 above (the stuff about the gold plated calipers is most likely
the truthfull part).

>  Rising above its marbled and wooden base, it graces any
>  collection, any place of honor in your home or office.

In my home, I once sucked one up in a vacuum cleaner.  Try it, they are
actually pretty tough!  It is for sale at a premium due to the extra "flight

>  A powerful gift - for whom among us has not looked up at the sky and
>  wondered?

Wondering in the winter: "Will summer never come?"
Wondering the the summer" "When will winter arrive?"

>  Quantities Limited.  Retails for $150 at the Houston Space Museum.

Never been there but if it is part of a gov't agency then probably a
reasonable price (sorry Ron ;-).

>  Yours for just $79.95!

My vacuumed one is less!  I know, I'll have an auction . . .


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