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Re: Bovedy - Barwell

In a message dated 16/07/98 00:04:42 BST, you write:

<< Barwell-- that one showered the town of Barwell, some pieces hitting
 and cars.  
 Would like to get a fragment of that one.
 Steve Schoner >>
Hi all,

Me too Steve!
I made some enquiries last week, regarding the availability of some of the UK
stones. Sadly, Barwell doesn't seem to be available for sale and Glatton
certainly isn't. Bovedy micromounts are available from Russ Kempton, but I
can't seem to find any whole grams anywhere. It's a shame really, because a 3
part UK set of even micromounts would be something really special. From
memory, there may be a fourth as well....Perthshire I think, or was this just
a "probable"?

I had hoped to bring better news about my Yorkshire UK stone find of last
month, but Monica Grady called me last week with the test results and it
wasn't good news. It's short lived radiation was non-existent and it's matrix
far too similar to Allende to be anything else, so it looks like I was sold a
ringer after all. Monica sent me loads of photographs and slides of the stone,
so at least I have those and a nice example of Allende to soften the

We'll just have to keep trying Stuart and hope we get lucky one day. I'm in
the middle of some heavily farmed countryside here and have advertised for any
"unusual rocks" ploughed up to be sent on to me......I've been sent enough
terrestrial slag to build my own mini Hadrians Wall, but that's the fun of the

One consolation is that UK meteorite hunters don't need all those guns, which
is good news because I'd probably shoot my toes off anyway. The fact that we
don't have any major strewnfields is a BIG drawback, but with all of those
brilliant UK fireballs recently witnessed, our time will surely come!


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