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Re: Exotic meteorites

Hi Julien, Al and List,

Al wrote:  "In order to obtain a meteoroid from another locality of the
solar system we
need a good delivery mechanism. Basically this is gravity and Jupiter is
reason why we have meteorites at all due to perpetration. Anything close
to a
large planet (like rings) would have to escape the gravity of Saturn and
it pass Jupiter without being altered into a new orbit. It is because of
gravity that the likely hood of finding something from Saturn,Saturn's
are not very probable. Too much escape velocity is needed to leave."

Sneaking past Jupiter:
Given that asteroids and comets are the random terrorists of our solar
system, wreaking havoc with all other ordered, systematically balanced
matter, suppose a wild asteroid knocks a bevy of particles out of orbit
around Saturn.  Further suppose that it is at a time when Saturn and
Jupiter are in opposition relative to the Sun, granted that at some
point in their long, long journey they will come closer to Jupiter, and
the planets will have changed their relative positions countless times,
but let's further say that they get caught up in a comets tail or sucked
into the path of another  wild or strangely orbiting asteroid like DK 36
which prevents them from succumbing to Jupiter's influence?  Granted
that the amount of space vs. the amount of matter is 'astronomical', it
would seem that at least the possibility appears to have more
probability, however, small, than might otherwise be considered.  Just
trying to give Julien some hope for Saturn.   Surviving entry through
Earth's atmosphere does seem to be the Achilles' Heel of a meteorite
from a ring given their diminutive size.

However, this same 2 stage approach (like our space endeavors) could be
applied to ejecta from a volcano on IO, for example, followed by an
asteroidal hit (like a pool ball) to further propel it away from
Jupiter.  Stranger things have happened on Earth, like a bottle thrown
in the water on the East Coast making it all around the world through
the strangest of seemingly impossible situations.  Optimism.

Best regards,

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