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Trust and Meteorite


   While I do not retract anything I've said lately here,  I do want to
apologize for coming across as ungratious.   This whole Monahans/Portales
trust  vs. conspiracy thing has gotten out of hand in my view.    Myself as a
collector am very concerned about the ability to trust that dealers will be
fair,  and will not  conspire with other dealers to keep prices high.    I
have not taken sides as some have presupposed,  but am interested only in
preserving some small sembelance of trust here .   This is important in my
view,  especially since some of the parties involved have no way of defending
themselves.   I will not answer, or post further on this matter,  as I think
anymore heated discussion will result in more loss of trust,  something that I
want to avoid.   

Geoff Cintron

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