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Re: Monahans, Texas

Wow, this is a revelation, Natural History Auction.com and Casper Meteorites are separate entities. I can form 50 corporations and have 50 businesses  out of my home and computer too. Cathi/Michael, you seem to want us to believe that these are totally separate businesses and that there is no conflict of interest here. Why then, if these two businesses are so separate (legally they are of course),  why do they use the same phone numbers and address?  You make us all feel better all warm and cozy now that we know that Casper Meteorites and NatuaralHistoryAuction.com are all separate companies. One company will auction off the meteorite, the other will buy it, pretty slick and easy too. Thanks   for the information and for totally clearing up the question of how the interested bidder can also sell the meteorite fairly. With two separate businesses, you have shown us that this can be done.

Mike Farmer.  (I can use my real nome while posting to the list).

Michael Casper wrote:

 Dear List Members,

We were out of town for most of Friday, returning around 3:00 a.m. this morning. And we have also been very busy.

With regard to the Monahans meteorite auction, please be advised of the following:

  1. Steve Arnold is the agent/representative who has been contracted to represent the owners of the Monahans meteorite. Acting in this capacity, Steve has felt it to be in the best interests of his clients to explore all available options with regard to selling this meteorite in order to secure the most possible money for them. In exploring all options and after consulting with his clients, Steve and his clients entered into an agreement with NaturalHistoryAuction.com for several reasons some of which include the fact that NHA.com has agreed to auction Monahans with no buyer’s or seller’s premium and NHA.com agreed to allocate funds and its other resources to advertise the auction of this meteorite to thousands of people throughout the world thus making many more people aware that this meteorite is available for purchase.
  2. NaturalHistoryAuction.com is a corporation which is completely separate from Casper Meteorites, Inc. Casper Meteorites does intend to bid on the Monahans meteorite and will submit its initial bid at $20,000. However, its bidding will be done by proxy.
  3. Please visit http://www.NaturalHistoryAuction.com for photo images of the Monahans meteorite, description of the meteorite, Bidding Information and Purchaser’s Registration Statement all of which will be up on the site by 8:00 p.m. EDT Sunday, 20 July 1998.
Questions concerning the auction may be directed to Director@NaturalHistoryAuction.com . Additionally, Steve Arnold has indicated that he will be happy to answer any questions concerning his role as agent for the Consignors by emailing him directly MeteorHntr@aol.com .

Thank you for your time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Cathi Casper

Casper Meteorites, Inc.
P. O. Drawer J
Ithaca, New York 14851
607-257-5349 (phone)
607-266-7904 (fax)
email: casper@meteorites.com