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It's Silly Season

Hello list!

Just returned from a few weeks of depleting my bank balance and the
lobster population of Maine. Had a great time and renewed my faith in
reasonable people behaving reasonably. For those of you who feel
meteorite prices are going through the roof, do not despair. There are
great deals out there if you know where to look: the mineral dealers
know how to conduct business. While not eating, I picked up a beautiful
half-stone of the Ozona H6, the cut side polished to 1000+ diamond paste
and a 300+ gram triangular end piece of Odessa with very sharp etching
and interesting inclusions. Common localities, yes, but very uncommon
specimens and priced at $0.90/g.

Evidently some of the mineral dealers follow meteorites and are
snickering at all the goings on. One dealer I spoke with said it could
be an indication that a big shake out is in the works. Hang on to your
wallets, things might get interesting and more "specials" may be

Regarding the much, if not over, discussed Monahans auction, if anyone
is really concerned that something is "going on" you might want to visit
http://www.oag.state.ny.us/moneymatters/financial/index.html the home
page of Dennis Vacco, New York State Attorney General. They even have a
hot link right on the first page for reporting Internet fraud. Not that
I'm implying anything. It just seemed like a few people were questioning
the relationship and agreements between Casper, Arnold and this NHA.com
organization. Personally, I think whoever buys Monahans will have a hard
time selling it within the mainstream meteorite community. With the
questionable integrity of the salt crystals and the scientific community
backing away from that particular specimen, it's value seems to be
dropping by the hour. But that's just MHO. I'm going to sit back and
watch the fun.

Can't end without one more comment. For all those who were concerned
about people's right to free speech being violated when they were
summarily unsubscribed, it might be appropriate to read the U.S.
Constitution before claiming rights. No where does it say that anyone
can say whatever they want, whenever they want. It only says >the
government< shall not abridge the right to free speech. The Feds can't
regulate speech on the net, but Art can kick anyone off the net he wants
to, including me, so I'm going to shut up now.

Sit back and watch the Silly Season, but try not to get caught up in it.


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