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Re: Mars Attacks!

Hi Lou and list,

There are a few articles out there that argue the conventional wisdom that the 
twelve known Martian meteorites are from a different source or at least some of 
them are from a different source. I believe the evidence is pretty conclusive 
when you read the latest on the Mars Meteorites that they are indeed from Mars. 

The makeup along with the gases (noble) that are found in some of these pieces 
show a signature identical to the Martian atmosphere. Just like each star has a 
unique spectrograph and shows a signature so do the Martian meteorites. Combine 
that with a geological age match, a plotted course back to Mars from a fall and 
I think it is hard to believe that these pieces originate any other place than 
Mars. Of course there are always people who like to argue for the sake of 
argument but if they have some sort of facts then I would be glad to take a 
look at those ideas.


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