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Re: Ice meteorite in China

>I read an article that in China (March 23rd 19??). 

The date was March 23, 1995.

>A man in Zheijiang saw
>two big blocks of ice falling from the sky and that the local authorities
>took over and keeped them cold so they could analyse the ice for small
>cometary dust, because they beleived that it was a comet. 
>At the end of the article they mentionned that if they found something
>interesting it would be the discovery of the century.

The Chinese were very excited because they thought they had recovered
ice from a comet.  However, it is more likely that they've recovered
pieces of a bathroom waste dump from an airplane flying overhead.

>My question is; did anyone heard about this? If yes, what are the results
>of the lab tests or is this thing a hoax?

Well, it has been 3 years, and there has been no news since on this.
If it was a comet, you would of definitely heard something by now.  However,
by their silence, it appears they did find bathroom waste from an
airplane, and are deeply embarrassed about it.

Ron Baalke

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