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Meteor crater iron spheroids

Perhaps many of you on this list are aware of this -- forgive me if so -- but 
others may not be. On a trip last year to Meteor Crater near Winslow, AZ I 
checked out the gift shop and noticed they were selling bags of "Authentic 
Cosmic Meteor Dust." For $5 you get a "kit" containing an approx. 8 oz. bag of 
soil collected from around the crater, a magnet, a magnifying glass and a tube 
to collect your samples. You brush the magnet through the soil and indeed 
quite a number of metallic spherules are quickly attracted to it. They are 
obviously spheroidal with the naked eye but make interesting observing under a 
magnifying glass or low power microscope. It's actually a nice kit and for the 
price can't be beat. 

Bob King

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