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Re: Thoughts on Bio Contamination

Gene Roberts wrote:
> Gene, you need to slow down and consider two things: the word
> "hypothetical" and the fact that all of your arguments are based on
> "life as we know it." The latter being a meaningless term when
> discussing how an organisim evolved in a different ecosystem would react
> in >our< ecosystem. 

The mere idea of life on Mars is hypothetical. There is no solid
evidence in favor of Martian life.

Now, there is nothing wrong with quarantine, but it is a pathetic excuse
for not sending people to Mars. The mere idea that the Martians can hurt
life here on Earth is a moot point. In fact, life could very well have
traveled between Mars and Earth in the past. If there ever were 
Martians, they should be here already. Further, what if we resurrected
life from ancient Earth? Would it bloom and kill us all? Well, every
time we turn over a clump of dirt we expose Earth to deadly pathogens
from the past, but paleonotologists don't wear biohazard suits.
You do remember what happens to extremophiles, right? They don't evolve
to live everywhere, they go hide under rocks and Antarctic ice. This is
exactly what I would expect Martian life (can I call them 'Moots'?)
to do on Earth: to choose an environment that fits them. The Moots are
going to be found underground and in rocks...what harm would they do on
Earth? Again, I state that they would not have a chance competing with 
Earth life. 

Gene Marlin

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