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Blue Salt

 After reading this from the meteorical socity meeting :

>>Monahans was discussed by E.K. Gibson & a team.  It contains grains 0.5 to
3 mm in size of dark blue to purple halite.  This is the first report of
halite in an ordinary chondrite, possibly because of the quick recovery,
though it has been previously found in smaller grains in Murchison & a
ureilite.  The most likely origin for the halite is brines, indicating that
there might be fluid in the halite, and there might be aqueous alteration
of the stone.  <<
   I got to thinking about where such aqueous alteration might occur.    The
only place that I know of in the solar system that has salt water that halite
might precipitate out of is the Earth.   Then the September issue of Astronomy
magazine came in the mail...much to my suprize,  on page 32 is an artical
describing how the've found evidance of salt deposits on Europa!  


Geoff Cintron

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