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Biological List Monsters

Hello everyone,

Well, it seems that list threads can form a life of their own and live
in cyberspace, at least. I think I'm beginning to understand how some of
those earlier discussions that went on while I was on vacation got
carried away.

Gene M. - Since we are dealing strictly with hypotheses, either of us
could counter an argument with how a life form could or could not adapt
to different environments. I see no reason to flood the list trying to
prove the unprovable. I agree with you that the threat of contamination
is no reason to not send humans to Mars. If you want to insist that we
know everything about life (which we can't even define) based on one
sample, then we will have to agree to disagree.

Fortunately, NASA has reason to believe that decontamination and
quarantine procedures will be prudent. Hopefully they will be more
stringent than the silly, ineffective and most probably unnecessary,
"quarantine" used for the Apollo astronauts.

JJ - People named after fractals shouldn't be throwing mutant genes
around. ;-)


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