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well, maybe not part of its allure

Hi there--

I've been advised there has been a bit of chat-room speculation regarding
my involvement in the Monahans offering.  Please note that I have not--and
will not--be involved in either the upcoming offering--or acquisition--of

I've also been advised that the NEW YORK referred to in the NEW
YORK-LONDON-SAN DIEGO logotype refers to New York State...and LONDON is
London, Ontario. (kidding)

The previous notwithstanding, Monihans is a good meteorite and the nonsense
associated with the offering will someday be forgotten...perhaps it will
become part of its folklore and, dare I say it, part of its allure.

I mean, the meteorite is not inherently repellent; and as it seems we live
in a world of easily rehabilitated reputations, I suspect that many among
us will one day find ourselves forgiving Monahans and desire a specimen for
our collections.  In any event, I hope that Geoff Cintron gets his.  ;)

And seriously, I hope that Joel has already assigned a writer for the
"Journey of Monihans."

All best-

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