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meteorites, gene pools, and "throat chakras"

Those of us who love and collect meteorites may not be fully appreciating
our li'l puppies.   I present this description of a meteorite offered on 
ebay:     (Item #105969865)

<< It is said that this particular substance has the capacity to stimulate 
communication within the gene pool of extraterrestrial advancements made 
within the genetic structure of mankind. and that the Meteorite is used for 
the pure enhancement of consciousness and increase of cosmic awareness. It is 
said that meteoritic material aligns the mental, emotional, etheric and 
astral bodies. Brow and throat chakras may be stimulated by the meteoritic 
qualities. Mostly, it is thought to increase the possiblility of telepathic 
communications near and far. >>

Hey, I don't write 'em, folks, I just cut-and-paste....     (Can anyone 
fluent in the above language translate for those of us who speak English?)


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