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Third Millennium Meteorite Calendar is Ligit!

Hi Paul
I went through the Met Exchange and sure, they are there but they are all
Martin Horesji photos who gave Robert Szep permission to use his beautiful
photographs.( He sent us a CD) Except the one in the top right which is a
red blooded Canadian meteorite from the local Doon Golf course in Kitchener
(It just missed Orvilles ear while he was golfing, or maybe it went in one
ear and out the other, his ears are big enough) That photo is from the
University of Toronto courtesy of Dr John Rucklidge, a friend of Szep's.

All the photos are legit throughout the Calendar, I should never have
doubted the competance of our Fearless Leader, Robert Szep, he really knows
his rocks...

And for his honesty, he is as pure as the driven snow, which are gonna get
lots of being Canucks, although it has been a blazing hot summer..

Anyway, what a relief!

If you could verify this and exxonerate us in the minds of the people on the
list I would be much obliged.

Thanks Paul, I word from the big guys would go a long way,

No worries mate, have a good weekend!

If anyone out there wants to a calendar, go ahead, it's legit!

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