[meteorite-list] Daytime firebal just observed from SoCal

From: John Reed <john_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:31 2004
Message-ID: <3CFE6FAA.18180B1_at_findalltrades.com>

"Matson, Robert" wrote:

> Hi All,
> Bright white daytime fireball just observed from Seal Beach, CA at
> 7:15:30pm PDT, starting about 18 degrees above the north-northwest
> horizon and terminating about 10 degrees above the horizon. Direction
> of travel was roughly toward 7 o'clock in horizon coordinates (6 o'clock
> being straight down toward the horizon). No fragmentation was observed.
> Magnitude approximately -8, and angular velocity was pretty slow. Exact
> azimuth can be reconstructed (once it gets dark enough for stellar
> references). Did anyone else in the southern California area observe
> it? --Rob
> Here's interesting meteorite experience that happened when I lived
> in Palm Springs CA some years ago I went out in my backyard one night, it
> was
> the middle of the night , I noticed a shooting star at about 11 o'clock in
> the
> sky. 12 being straight up, it was fast with a short tail all over in
> about 2
> seconds then maybe 3 seconds later the sound of like a propeller chopping
> the
> wind came over the top of my head (I am going to guess 150-200 ft)all in
> about
> a 10th of a second and it was literally humming like a motor The general
> direction it was travailing is 85% open desert for about 15 miles That
> was
> about 1986 At the time I figured meteorites were fairly common occurrence
> so I
> never thought more about it
> This fall I am going to look for that meteorite I know what direction it
> was
> traveling and also the angle I am not sure how high it was all though I
> heard
> it, but out in the desert it very quite in the middle of the night . I
> looked
> in the sky I think I remember some shadowy something anyway Here's what I
> thought
> since it didn't explode it is probably an iron however it has to be a
> strange
> shape to chop the wind the way it was So if it was a stone then it might
> mean
> that depending on the shape of a object entering the atmosphere the object
> would or would not pick up enough speed to burn up? Also how much further
> do
> think it may have gone?
> Thanks John
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