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From: Frank Prochaska <fprochas_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:35 2004
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Hello Michael and list,

I did get the email this morning. I use Outlook and Norton antivirus NT
5.0. The email subject and body were blank but Outlook did show the icon
for an attached executeble script file. The way my system is configured,
files are not scanned until you (or a program) tries to execute a file.
Nearly the only time I see the icon for attached script files in Outlook is
when there is a virus attached. I simply deleted the message immediately,
assuming it was a virus. I did not even bother to check the name of the
attached script, or try to drill down on the message header to see if I
could tell if the email really came from Dave or from another machine that
inserted his name as the sender.

Sorry about that . . . maybe if I had at least checked the name of the
script before I deleted it, we'd know a little more about it.

Frank Prochaska

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Hi Dave & all,
        My email suddenly went haywire beginning with the post from
you, Dave.
1) Suddenly there is nothing in the subject box posted before
opening the email (ANY email starting with yours & ever since)
2) ALL emails from yours on are dated 12/31/69 5:00 PM (this
is before email existed, by the way)
3) MOST, but definately not all, of the postings, which have ONLY
the name of the sender and the above date and time, are totally
empty. A few have no name at all and are empty, and some are
actual emails.
4) Even test emails I send to myself list the above date & time but
do have my subject box comments and do have the message when
        Everything was working fine until Dave's email commenting
about a virus.
        Is anyone else on the list getting this pattern in their email?
        Thanks, Michael

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