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From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:36 2004
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Lance Wozniak wrote:

> Hello Group

Hi Lance and welcome to "our" List,

> My fascination with meteorites started about 2 years ago

A very dangerous, lifelong infectious disease :-)

> when I bought a Gibeon at an astronomy event

Many among us started out as amateur astronomers and still are.

> added a nice 40 gram Allende ... El Hammami, Juancheng,
> Udei Station, NWA 987 L3.8, Brenham and Brahin ...

Congrats on your first celestial acquisitions!

> I don't know where it will all end but I know I just love
> owning, looking at, dreaming of and reading about meteorites.

Well, 3 words come to mind that your family members
will have to cope with: passion, obsession, addicted

> I read with keen interest the nanodiamond discoveries
> in Murchison and reference to it as the most abundant
> presolar grains in primitive chondrites.

Well, the first meteorite suspects are, of course, carbonaceous
meteorites but minute diamonds have also been found in other,
meteorites like Krymka (LL3), Abee (EH), several ureilites
have diamonds (DaG 868, Dingo Pup Donga, Dyalpur, etc.),
RC 075 (H3.2).

Here are some references:

MOCHIZUKI K. et al. (1993) Origin of nanodiamonds in primitive
chondrites: (2) Experiment (Meteoritics 28-3, 1993, A405).

OZIMA M. et al. (1993) Origin of nanodiamonds in primitive
chondrites: (I) Theory (Meteoritics 28-3, 1993, A416).

HILL H.G.M. et al. (1997) The detection of nanodiamonds in
circumstellar environments? (Meteoritics 32-4, 1997, A060).

HILL H.G.M. et al. (1997) Infrared spectroscopy of interstellar
nanodiamonds from the Orgueil meteorite (Meteoritics 32-5, 1997, 713).

HILL H.G.M. et al. (1998) The 21-micrometer infrared feature
in bulk diamonds: Implications for nanodiamonds in space
(Meteoritics 33-4, 1998, A067).

KOSCHEEV A.P. et al. (2000) Mechanism of noble gas release during
pyrolysis of nanodiamond grains (MAPS 35-5, 2000, Suppl., A092).

MAAS R. et al. (2001) Isotope anomalies in tellurium and palladium
from Allende nanodiamonds (MAPS 36-6, 2001, pp. 849-858).

Best wishes,

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