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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:16:29 2004
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Hi Dave,
        First, let me thank you for contributing to the growth of the
meteorite community - also for you kind words about my article.
        As for increased buyers in that area, you are the only one I
am aware of, though I do not know if "Rock Springs" and "Green
River" are towns or counties - I would only recognize whatever
appears in the mailing address. In addition, of course, there are
tons of other sellers these days.
        That was one of my points in the article - for dealers to promote
the growth of the collector base, they must accept that it is only as
the total mass increases that they will personally benefit. It is not
a one to one deal whereby you promote collecting to ten new collectors
and then experience ten new "customers," personally.
        I have heard SO many dealers express resentment about
"competition" instead of viewing the entire community in a
cooperative light. It is unfortunate for the dealers, themselves, though,
ironically, it works in the favor of the collectors. Perhaps I should
reserve further comment at this time, as this, itself, would make an
excellent article.
        In any event, keep up the good work! ..... and thanks, again,

on 8/5/03 8:58 PM, David Freeman at dfreeman_at_fascination.com wrote:

> Dear List, and Michael Blood;
> I really enjoyed the articles in the latest Meteorite Times, and was
> quite intrigued on the "new blood" concept in Michael Blood's article.
> I do my very best to generate "new blood".
> I was curious if any of the dealers around ever ship meteorites to
> Wyoming, specifically, South West Wyoming (Rock Springs, Green River)?
> I know my core group here have purchased some now and then from list
> members but with my past winter's lecture series, and four years of
> passing out fliers, I am a little curious if it is resulting in any
> noticeable traffic in specimens to my area of influence.
> With a larger population in the larger cities, it would be harder to
> trace the effect of one or a few collectors, but in an isolated area
> like this (minus the ebay factor) it would be interesting to get a feel
> for any collector dynamics evolving from my efforts.
> Any thoughts, either on or off list would be appreciated.
> Best,
> Dave Freeman
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